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Join Tracy and Debbie in England, UK, Margaret in Canada and Deano in France for an uplifting and honest look at the ups and downs of everyday life.

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Just a Few Examples of What To Expect…

Focus on Food!

If you are looking for a delicious recipe, look no further than Focused Friends for a variety of tempting and tasty ideas.

Focus on Creativity!

Looking for something new to try? Feeling creative but short of ideas? At Focused Friends, creativity is our ‘thing’!

Focus on Life!

At Focused Friends, we shine a light on everyday life, with a sense of fun, curiosity and kindness. Share in our adventures!

Why You’ll Love Focused Friends.

Make a regular space in your diary, to pour yourself a cup or glass of something lovely and then sit back and enjoy reading articles on a broad range of topics.

Join, Margaret, Deano, Tracy and Debbie as they share aspects of their lives and bring ideas, perspectives and insights that may inspire you to try something new, to look at life differently, to become more creative or simply to take a deep breath as you face a challenge, knowing that you are not alone in the ups and downs of life.

Feel free to post comments, ideas, suggestions and feedback or submit an article, yourself, to be published in our ‘Guest Contributor’ section. After all, we are all friends, here. 🙂

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