What happened!

I suffered with bulimia for 15yrs of my life, suffering the worst in my mid 20’s (after my divorce). Prozac was the medication given to me (as well as counselling )to help stop the vicious cycle I found myself in, although over the years I have relapsed occasionally and purged but have managed to keep my eating disorder under control.

So, what happened?? I went from being completely obsessed about my weight and figure (weighing scales banned in my house) to seeing a photo of myself looking horribly bloated and chubby.
(See below)

January 1st 2020 I decided not only to lose weight but also to get fit. My health was at an all time low, my Parkinson’s symptoms were worse than ever and I felt incredibly down.

I was determined to lose weight and started my 1200 calorie diet, walking and climbing up and down our stairs.

Ready to face the cold weather and do my walk

No matter the weather I was out walking, and boy did we have some terrible weather!! Mainly gales and rain but by February I could see a big change in my health and I was losing 2lb a week.

My husband took pity on me due to the terrible weather conditions and purchased a Secondhand treadmill for me at the end of February (until it broke but I received a brand new treadmill for my birthday) I loved it and increased my daily steps. Another reason for my determination in becoming fitter was In April 2020 I was supposed to be part of a football team taking part in The Cure Parkinson’s Cup. Of course this was cancelled due to Covid.

Love my Treadmill

By middle of March I had reached my target weight, I felt amazing and looked so much healthier.

23rd of March everything changed, my mum came to live with us, the children were home full time and the nation was in complete lockdown. My fitness always remained priority and for a little while I remained on my diet but by June my diet was going out the window.

At 48 Years old I have to admit I think my weight and increased appetite has an awful lot to do with being premenopausal, also, perhaps my Parkinson’s medication hasn’t helped either Or could It just be me and this is my natural weight that I have deprived myself of for the past 30yrs?.. whatever the reason I am struggling to maintain the weight I’m happy with

I’m currently doing an hour a day plus on treadmill, squats and weights and have now gained all the weight I had lost .

All I know is as I get older I feel the need more than ever to try and take care of my health, I owe it to my young family, I owe it to myself. I’m already suffering with numerous health conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Parkinson’s Disease so it’s not easy trying to maintain my fitness and diet at times.. but at the same time when I can’t bare to see photos of myself then that’s the time I need to take action for the sake of my mental health and wellbeing.

“ I think I’m a complicated soul when it comes to my weight”

Watch my diet progress with weekly videos starting 4th January. A New Year, A New Challenge.

Tracy White (C)


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  1. Hi Tracy,
    his was a brave article to share. You will be speaking for many people who will have also felt the same way. As your friend, and colleague here at Focused Friends, I want to state how proud I am of you. Remember, we are not machines and so when we implement a plan of action, there will be times when we either ease down from the intensity of it or when we may slip up.

    The key is never to see that as failure or a backwards step. Just make it okay and focus on what to do to resume your exercise and healthy eating activity that clearly work so well for you.

    Your words will have resonated with people, I’m sure. I suspect we will all be eager to read future posts on this subject, as you experience the active, and less active, times ahead; for there will always be both.

    Deano x

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    1. Thank you Deano for your lovely supportive reply. I’m sure I will be writing much more with my on going eating and weight battles. I will look on my recent weight gain as a set back rather than a failure and press on with a healthy diet and exercise regime. Hopefully by Christmas I will be at my desired weight.

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