A Collection of Christmas Cheer – No.1 – Sex on a Snowflake, Cocktail

Let me clarify immediately that this is not my chosen name for this drink! Yes it’s certainly attention grabbing and I guess that’s the aim of it. I think ‘Winter Coconut’ would be far more descriptive, and less risque but hey, I’m not the person creating the name, I just wanted to try making it — and testing it out!

This cocktail is so simple you will undoubtedly be like me and wonder why you’ve never tried it. I saw a photo of it online and decided I needed this to be in my life too. So, I went ahead and made it the first time only this week and was pretty impressed. Both by it’s ease and it’s taste.

A delightfully decadent, dessert-in-a-glass type of cocktail

Critique Quote by Debbie Walker, self imposed cocktail taster and amature blogger
  • you will need;
  • Can of coconut milk
  • Sugar to sweeten
  • Malibu (or coconut flavoured rum)
  • Crushed ice
  • Desiccated coconut for the glass rim


  • If you have a blender, add all ingredients and blend away !
  • We didn’t so we used a cocktail shaker and a meat tenderizer for the ice (closest thing to hand!)
  • We began by putting ice cubes into a sealed bag, then smashed them until they were crushed to the size we wanted
  • My measurements were based upon making one glass (at first!) So I simply measured out enough of the coconut milk to fill my cocktail glass, one shot of Malibu (again, alter to own preference!) and a small amount of the crushed ice.
  • I then shook the mixer in the cocktail shaker, adding a spoon of sugar at the end to taste. The sugar makes a huge difference so give it a try, but again it’s all to personal taste.
  • Pour your drink, and enjoy !

Note –

  • to make your cocktail look the business, dip the rim of the glass into shredded coconut – it looks amazing, I just didn’t have any to hand and simply didn’t want to wait until I had some – It’s my excuse to make it again later in the holidays 🙂
  • Also if you want a thicker consistency, simply use less ice and more coconut cream.

This is a fab cocktail, especially for the winter holiday season and I think that everyone needs to try it 😁

Source: http://www.nelliebellie.com/sex-on-a-snowbank-winter-cocktails/

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