Before you go

For my boys, Eugi and Richard Morton

Before you go out in the world

There’s a few things you should know.

Your safe place is always here No matter how old you grow

Troubled lost

Or Confused in your path

I’m am here to get you past

You’ll make some bad choices

I guarantee you will

know that you can call on me still

I’ll give you no judgement

I’ll open my arms

Fall into me

I’ll share my warmth

Don’t look for me to fix it but I’ll support you as you do

Mistakes will be made

But They don’t define you

Make it right

Face the storm

Stand tall to your harm.

life you’ll find is filled with anger and abuse

Don’t hold them hostage

Don’t make them the excuse

choose the life

Create the scene

Bludgeon the sorrow

Whats created on this day

makes it liveable tomorrow

Trash the anger and the hate

Give and forgive before it’s too late

You’ll break from the bubble that’s surrounded you

since you were very small

The trail to your success is you have To work hard for it all

You’ll leave this nest out on your own and see The world evolve

You’ll have a chance to make a mark

Your childhood dissolved

When choices come and your far and gone

Your lessons learned at home will guide you to goodness no matter where you roam

One day True love will find you

when you least expect it

Love is a precious thing

you need to respect it

love is not enough to carry

to the girl you’re going to marry

You both need Commitment and understanding

Each of you will be demanding

Stop listen hear her words

Hug her when she’s crying

Let no one come between you

your love should be Undying

They’ll come a time when she pisses you off and you piss her off to

Then stop and listen and hear again

Five minutes will get you through

Marriage is not a competition between husband and wife

You are a team

That’s a role for life

There’s nothing better out there than the girl that’s by your side

keep your eye upon her and worship her sunshine

When Mistakes Are made Make it right

Stand tall and Face the harm

The two of you together can weather any storm

My sons I wish you happiness love and joy. Choose wisely as you grow through life

One day you might have a boy

Who needs your guidance love and warmth

Who needs your sense of duty

teach him all you’ve learned that’s good

Show him life’s beauty

Mamma loves you

September 11,2020

Hi I’m Margaret Morton. I like to dabble in words from time to time. I love painting. And I am a devoted wife mother daughter friend

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