A Collection of Christmas Cheer – No.2 – Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

I was intending to post this for Christmas Eve, for what could be a more heartwarming, and cosy drink than sitting in front of an open fire, tree lights twinkling and a warm Hot Chocolate (with Bailey’s, mini marshmallows and topped with cream and a shake of chocolate powder, or grated chocolate … and of course, some edible glitter to complete the effect. However, I got busy making mine, and shamefully went to enjoy it and forgot the blog !

Never mind though, I do think that this is a wonderful winter drink and whether it’s for adults, or children it can be modified to suit all. It’s even great to take in a flask if you’re going for a walk, especially to the beach at winter time – you’d just have to add the cream and marshmallows separately.

Powdered Hot chocolate can be made with boiling water if milk is not an option for you … however personally I do think it’s best made with all milk.

  • Mix a small amount of the milk with the powder to form a paste as this prevents lumps forming.
  • Boil the remainder of the milk in a saucepan and slowly add the chocolate mixture, stirring all the time. (using a pan to boil the milk gives a thicker and more frothy texture to your finished drink)
  • When the mixture begins to boil (be careful because milk boils very suddenly and can overspill the pan quite easily … take it from someone who has done this many times lol!) Pour directly into your cup.
  • Add a shot of Bailey’s (if desired) followed by a few mini marshmallows
  • Cover the top with squirty cream and decorate to your own creative enjoyment!

For mine, I added some mini marshmallows, then the squirty cream and added a couple more marshmallows and sprinkled some grated chocolate orange, with a dash of edible glitter to finish to give the appearance of a touch of winter frost

Hint – you could alter your flavour of chocolate powder such as orange, or mint or caramel, and add the matching flavour of grated chocolate to the top. Or even add a chocolate orange segment which would melt into the hot liquid – this is actually delicious and I’d highly recommend trying it.

So many options – so much fun trying them all … if you’ve got a favourite please share it with me in the comments below. Enjoy 🙂

(c) Debbie Walker

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