My Weight loss and healthier lifestyle Journey begins 1st January

I have been gaining weight since June 2020, I’m now at the point of feeling disappointed and sad when I look at myself in the mirror. How did I get to this point again?
Christmas Day I changed my outfit three times  before opting to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, I thought it made me look less chubby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong after looking at a photo  of myself sat at the dinner table. 

“I feel bloated and look unhealthy”

I never thought at the age of 48 I would still be obsessing over my appearance and feel the need to be thin. I think there are numerous reasons why in the past two years I have struggled with my weight, living with Parkinson’s, being premenopausal and more recently the lockdowns we have all suffered , the pressures of home schooling, taking care of my family and my mum have all added up to unhealthy eating habits.

I started to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner most days because I was just too busy looking after my family, the irony of this is I don’t eat with my family (unless it’s Christmas) because of the calories in their meals but by 7pm I will have a few glasses of wine and then I’m hungry and eat high calorific snacks which doesn’t make sense at all… it’s just a viscous circle. So like last year I will quit alcohol and eat three meals a day and cut out the high calorie snacks. Lockdown or not I will, I must stick with it.

January 1st is the Date I have chosen for obvious reasons, New Years Resolutions and all that! But it’s also important for me to try and get my weight watcher meals, healthy snacks and drinks in. I have found that I need to plan ahead if losing weight is going to be successful for me. I’ve also decided to share my diet journey in the hope that it might encourage others to share their diet and health journeys but also keep me motivated and stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Even though I have gained weight I have managed to keep up with regular exercises which I will continue doing the same a amount for now as I am struggling with my Parkinson’s symptoms.

I will be uploading regular videos of my progress and on the 4th of January at 8pm on Focused Friends YouTube channel I will be posting my first video sharing my measurements and weight. Please feel free to comment and subscribe to our channel.

April 2020

I wish I could fast forward a few months and be back to the above photo.

I need to focus on these wise words.

If you focus on results, you’ll never change.
If you focus on change, you’ll get results.

Article written by

Tracy White (c)


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