A Collection of Christmas Cheer – No.3 – Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)

53rd attempt … but don’t tell anyone!

Perhaps this should have been posted sooner, but actually it works very well as a New Year’s day drink alongside a piece of Christmas cake (if you’ve any left that is!) Traditionally, we would offer a drink and a piece of cake to our visitors on New Year’s Day, whilst wishing each other health, happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. But this year is different with Covid-19 restrictions, social distancing and lockdowns – no visitors boo hoo. However, we CAN still go through the motions and find new ways to carry our our old traditions. So, I suggest you pass this onto your friend/relative now, then go and make this sumptuous drink each immediately. Cut a slice of cake and then video that friend or relative and wish them a happier year ahead, whilst you each enjoy relaxing in your own home (and probably PJs as that seems to be our current daily dress code) and enjoy virtually toasting good friendships / relationships until we can get together properly again.

So, it is actually very easy … when you know how ! I took so many attempts as I thought I could remember how to do it. (This was a favourite drink of mine many years ago, but like many things of late, I kind of forgot about it and haven’t made it in a long time) So, I decided to make this blog for it because firstly I just love the drink and hope that I inspire you to make yourself one and that you in turn love it too, and secondly because I thought that my many failed attempts were funny 😀

  • Your will need
  • Tia Maria
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • boiling water 🙂
  • double pouring cream

Make your coffee – filtered, instant, whatever your preference. Add a shot of Tia Maria first into your cup or glass and then pour over the black coffee. Add a small amount of sugar and stir. Finally pour on the cream and there you have it!

we do not want this

Adding the cream is the tricky part as we don’t want it to sink, nor cloudy the coffee beneath. We want a nice clean sharp line which beautifully defines the contrast between the deep darkness of the coffee and the luscious lightness of the cream.

Don’t do what I did and just pour it in and hope for the best. At one point I was even tipping my glass like when pulling a pint of beer haha. Nope, tis far more simple.

Using the teaspoon place the back of it just touching the top of the coffee and the edge of it touching the glass. Pour the cream gently onto the spoon without moving it. Allow the cream to slowly overflow the spoon and spill into the coffee. It should then spread out and not sink, filling the glass as far as you want it. Naturally, as the cream rises, also lift your spoon up the glass to make space, still whilst pouring. See video below for demo.

Serve with said piece of Christmas Cake, or mince pie or whatever delicacy takes your fancy, and enjoy !

  • Hint – If you’re using a glass, leave your metal teaspoon in the glass as you pour the boiling water or hot coffee into it. This will stop your glass from cracking from the direct heat.
  • The sugar is added not so much for taste, but I read (when I was working through my many failed attempts) that adding the sugar assists in the floating of the cream.
  • And, as I’ve already mentioned in many of my previous blogs that I love sparkle, it’s also possible to add sparkle, (edible glitter) to the top of the cream to give the extra winter look that I just love – I just cant seem to capture on photograph (yet)

My first attempt … What NOT to do
second attempt … What NOT to do
My successful Calypso Coffee

Before Dry January begins, I hope you’ve enjoyed my three Christmas Drinks

No 1 – Sex on a Snowboard ; No 2 – Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and this No 3 – Calypso Coffee

(c) Debbie Walker Jan 2021

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