An original poem by Debbie Walker

A beloved mother of both her daughter and son.
A lady whom we all knew who was always up for fun !
A cherished grandma, a wife and beloved friend,
Someone who’s company we’d always seek to lend.
She shared and loved so much of life,
Right up until the very end.

Dear mum,
We can’t believe you’ve been and gone
And each day we know that we will always long,
To hear your laugh and see your smile.
To sit and chat , to create and compile
Those precious memories that we did so
And How in our thoughts you will never go.

To mum,
Our journey may have changed, our plans have been  interrupted,
yet our bond will continue,
– Even when we miss you,
For wherever we are,  we will always know
That in our hearts you shall continue to grow

(c) Debbie Walker, Jan 8 2020


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