A Trip to the Spa – Lockdown style

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I had the most wonderful trip to a Spa today.  So relaxing and such a welcome change. 

In these days of Covid Lockdown, here in the UK, we are having long and sometimes dull days.  Loneliness creeps in, and I miss doing the things I used to with my family and friends.  I am also grieving the loss of close family and friends that left us during this past year.  My mum, Aunty, Uncle and a couple of friends too.  Non of whom succumbed to Covid may I add; it has just been a bad year for loss due to life and what it delivers to us.  

today I decided I needed a break, and I needed it now. 

In light of this, I’ve been craving a break all year and have waited patiently for the restrictions to lift and allow me to find my place of peace.   Being in the North East UK I have waited a very long time, as unfortunately our restrictions have been the highest tier throughout much of this pandemic.   So, today I decided I needed a break and needed it now.  My first thought was to sit by the sea and feel the sun’s rays upon my face once more, but I decided against that option.  After all, I don’t know about you but I rather suspect that none of my summer clothes fit anymore (Covid belly-battle still ongoing) and I really couldn’t face sorting through them, just to make that ‘knowing’ a reality.   So, I ditched the idea of being at the beach and opted for the Spa instead. 

Upon arrival, I lay back, my head comfortably nestled in the softness of my cushioned lounger, my legs raised and supported, enabling a fully relaxed position, whilst my body appreciated the touch of my cosy, yet light robe.  I closed my eyes.  The sun shone through a nearby window, giving it extra warmth as it poured onto my body, warming me through. I could feel each muscle begin to relax.  The heat lending its healing power to all my aches (which these days do seem a tad more than I recall just last year).  As I felt the sun on my face, my seemingly permanent frown began to relax away; my jaw unclenched and I felt good.   My attention was drawn to my back; it felt so good and as tension and pain dissipated, I felt my mood shift.  I began to feel lighter.  Soft music could be heard. Not intrusive, just a nice gentle addition to the ambiance.  I decided I liked this place.   My other senses were treated too, as a soothing scent caught my attention every now and then, encouraging my relaxed state to deepen.   

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

As I lay there, I allowed my mind to wander.  It took me through the nearby Zen garden, of which housed the most stunning colours, painted by the beautiful array of trees surrounding and protecting this naturally calming and creative space.  I could hear the soft trickle coming from the pebble water feature, and the delicate lotus flowers just to the left of it, completed the most peaceful image.  

My vision then turned to the pool just beyond the nearest trees.  I wondered it if would be as warm and relaxing as I lazily dreamed it to be.  I could just imagine stepping down into it. Feel the warm water envelop first my feet, then my legs, and finally my whole body. The freedom from the usual constraints of gravity felt wonderful, as I began to swim slowly, gently turning to float upon my back.  Once again, feeling the heat of the sun’s rays as they covered my face with their warm caress.  

A sudden barking broke my reverie.  I opened my eyes, and was immediately transported back from my trip and into my sun-room in my home.  My dog was addressing our post-man as he delivered our mail.  Once satisfied that she’d done her job, she quietened.  I looked around where I lay. In my reclining armchair, still in my dressing-gown.  Outside, the sun was still shining and catching upon the winter’s ice, creating a magical glitter-like world outside my window.  I could see the many shades of green and yellow of our hedge, together with some pretty pinks from the winter pansies, tucked in-between the leaves.  I felt the warmth from my hot water bottle placed in the small of my back; still doing it’s work of relaxing my tightened muscles.  I mused whether to get up and go and tighten the dripping kitchen tap now, or perhaps leave it a little while and do it when my ‘Zen’ scented candle would expire, shortly.   Oh, and the warm pool, if you were wondering … that is the bath I shall be taking shortly to warm up from our very cold winter’s day!

It’s amazing where our imagination can take us.  This all came from a conversation I had earlier in the day with my cousin, where I came up with the original idea of making my sun-room, a room to relax in the sun! My ‘novel idea’ gave us both a good laugh at my obvious oversight in that is exactly what that room is intended for. However, this little trip of mine just gave it a whole new perspective!

So, where did you go today, in the midst of Lockdown from Covid-19 (20 …21)?

I hope you enjoyed this little article intended to create a bit of light escapism or even maybe inspire you to try to do something similar in the room that you find yourself in a little too often these days.

(c) Debbie Walker


4 thoughts on “A Trip to the Spa – Lockdown style

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  1. I absolutely loved reading this. I was utterly transported to the spa you described and I love the humour in that it all was not as we had first been led to believe! Beautifully descriptive and visual writing.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Deano. I’m glad you enjoyed my short article. I enjoyed writing this, and the process enhanced the experience of my trip!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie, I was actually visualising you relaxing and enjoying the spa and wondering to myself how you managed to find a spa open ☺️You have inspired me to get away for a few minutes through the wonderful world of imagination.

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