Tracy’s Weight loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey ~ Week 3

I was supposed to be reducing my daily exercise on the treadmill because of my painful joints and stiffness but instead I did even more steps and now I’m really struggling.

I have mentioned before I have to be careful because I can get obsessed with dieting and just three weeks into my Weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey I can see this is starting to happen. So, next week I am going to cut back on the treadmill and allow myself to rest. At the end of the day I can’t keep up with this level of exercise. The whole point of my journey is to become healthier, not to damage my health by overdoing things. I just need to find the right amount of exercise that I feel comfortable with and capable of doing in order for me to succeed in maintaining a healthier lifestyle long term.
I’m a person with Parkinson’s and my symptoms can prevent me from achieving my daily activities, I need to accept the reality of this and not push my body so hard. Easier said than done I know!

Weigh in and Measurements

Saturday 23rd January I weighed in at 12 stone just (see photo) which is another 3lb weight loss, 9lb total loss since 1st January. My waist is 31 inches but all other measurements remain the same. I am extremely pleased with this, however I think my weekly loss will drop to around 1 to 2lb per week but that’s okay, I will still reach my target weight by April.

Breakfast & My Love for The Black Pudding.

Every morning I look forward to my cooked breakfast which includes black pudding. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know but I love it for many reasons.

Black pudding is a good source of protein, essential for building strong muscles, repairing tissue and maintaining an effective immune and hormonal system. It can also provide important minerals including an easily absorbed form of iron, essential for transporting oxygen around the body.

I usually have slice of Bury Blackpudding (which is Low in fat. Less than 3% fat, with less than 1% from saturates) 2 grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, 2 slices of whole meal toast with ketchup and a poached egg. I have to say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

My lunch consist of 6 cracker breads topped with ham and tomato and a Jelly for dessert. Evening meal is a weight watchers meal with salad followed by a fibre one cake or Alpen light. I am hoping in the next few weeks I can cook myself some healthy meals. At the moment I seem to be completely rushed off my feet with homeschooling, taking care of my mum and family so by the time it comes round to me I’m to exhausted.

Johnny Parky’s progress

(DJ Johnny from Radio Parkies is joining me on a healthier lifestyle journey. )

Every Friday evening Johnny and I video chat and talk about how our week has gone. Johnny is making great progress since starting a little over a week ago.. He has managed to stop the snacking in between meals and eating more healthy which has helped him lose 1lb this week. Excellent!
Johnny is trying to find the right balance when it comes to exercise, focusing on what he can do right now. Learning the shuffle dance is something he is keen on doing (his video below) and after all dancing is a great form of exercise.

Dancing is a fun form of exercise

Next week Johnny hopes to start building on his exercise activities with walking and is currently looking to buy an exercise bike for him and his wife. Monday to Friday he will start on press ups,reps for crunches, leg raises etc and hopes to try the pdkinetics home workout.

I mentioned again to Johnny how recording our daily food intake and measurements is a good way to keep on track and motivated . Nutracheck is a great app for this. I sent him the link so I will find out next week if he tried it or not.

Below are the clothes Johnny would like to fit in to which gives him an extra incentive to live a healthier lifestyle.

All in all Johnny is focused and full of enthusiasm about his healthier lifestyle journey, I am confident Johnny and I will not only achieve our target size but will maintain it through living a healthier lifestyle. We’ve got this!


It’s fair to say I’m struggling with this lockdown. Whether it’s down to the cold weather which prevents us from going out or the added pressure of homeschooling I don’t know but I do know it’s good to get away from the household. Saturday I met up with my daughter Beth at our local beach for a walk. Just being able to get out of the house for an hour really helped me mentally, I felt so much brighter after our walk.

Next Week

My main focus for next week is to buy fresh produce and cook myself healthier meals rather than weight-watcher ready meals and salad every day. Ready meals are also high in salt so not healthy especially when I suffer with high blood pressure.. I cook for my family so I should make the extra effort to cook for myself too.

Just before I go I would like to mention my friend, Jenny.
Since starting her Weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey she has lost 5.5lbs. Absolutely fantastic Jenny. We are crushing this! We will be wearing and looking fabulous in our summer dresses this year !

If you or a family member suffer with Parkinson’s why not tune in to Radio Parkies where you’ll find useful, up to date information on Parkinson’s, poetry readings, interviews with inspiring people, great music and much much more. Check out DJ Johnny and DJ Clare at

I will be joining D J Claire on her Monday show 12-1pm discussing my healthier living and the challenges I face.

If you are on a weight loss and Healthier lifestyle Journey please let us know how your journey is going by commenting below.


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