Forced poet

My eldest son Eugi, now 14 1/2 years old, has been forced to become a poet due to being in grade 9 English class. Fortunately for him he has a mother who loves poetry. I love reading it I love writing it I love reading it I love writing it. I love poetry. I took a long break from writing for many many years. In the last couple of years I’ve picked up writing again and I am enjoying it greatly. I read a lot of my poems to my son. He says he quite enjoys them and that he wishes he could write like I do. But with only 14 1/2 years of life experience behind him of course he’s going to write in a different way. Recently I went into his online classroom work to see how he’s doing in his poetry class. He brought tears to my eyes. Because I think he’s really good. He has pulled from his own life experience little details. He’s made them into something special. So I wanted to share a couple of Eugi’s works here. And I hope that readers appreciate what a sensitive 14-year-old can create when forced to do so.


Green is the jungle
Green Sounds Like the creaking from bamboo in the wind Green tastes like a fresh salad on the table
Green smells like a fresh cut lime
Green feels like the grass on your bare feet

Eugi Morton January 2021

Eugi on the left and brother Richard on the right. Standing in the swaying bamboo in the jungle in Costa Rica experiences in life from travel are priceless
Black out poetry and titled “Rain”
The pay to use to create the above black out poem

Keep writing son. keep traveling. keep experiencing. keep your eyes open. Time and experience make the best writers

Mama loves you


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