Running Man Challenge.

What better way to keep fit and healthy through the world of dance! Well it would be the perfect way if you didn’t have Parkinson’s but saying that dance is still a great way to keep in shape and for people with Parkinson’s it can help with our balance and coordination we just face different challenges with our symptoms. For me it’s the right side of my body, it simply doesn’t move when I want it to so doing the running man challenge is easy in theory but frustratingly difficult because of my symptoms . I refuse to give up though, I just need a few seconds of doing it right and then I will be happy.

TikTok Support

I have been so lucky and received nothing but support from people on TikTok, it’s the encouragement from them that keeps me practicing and trying to do better. Joining TikTok in 2020 has been an amazing journey with over 4100 followers I have used the social media site to raise awareness for Parkinson’s. The added extra benefit is it has given me a new lease of life in the form of fun!

You can take a look at my TikTok page by clicking on link below


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