Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey- Week 7

The good news this week is I have a waist measurement of 29” so a nice big tick against my target goal. These last 6 pounds are going to be difficult to shift especially as I can’t exercises as much because of my injury. The strap I purchased is helping and yesterday I managed to go on the treadmill at a much slower pace for an hour, however I am paying for it now as I am in a lot of pain this morning . I think I have a long way to go yet before I am over this injury.

Eating a balanced diet has been my priority but yesterday I had a bottle of wine, the first one this year. I didn’t plan on drinking the whole bottle but I did and I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I had a glass with my lunch a glass at dinner then two glasses in the evening, I enjoyed it and now I will weigh myself to see if it was worth it …..

okay I’ve just weighed in at 11st 9.4 so I’ve gained a pound, not entirely sure I can blame the wine but I am disappointed that for the first time in seven weeks I haven’t lost any weight and gained it instead. Never mind this just makes me more determined for next week. It’s a setback but I’m not going to lose sight of my goal.

Johnny Parky is back!

Saturday morning I managed to have a catch-up with Johnny, he was telling me how these past few weeks with his health issues had caused him to lose sight of his healthier lifestyle and Weight loss goals, he felt low and isolated, disheartened by it all, he felt like “why am I bothering “. Johnny has learned he needs to reach out and ask for support rather than cut himself off during difficult times.
To find out more check out our video chat below. Johnny has a brilliant sense of humour, in fact he asked me to be funny when explaining his absence on here but where as being humorous is natural for Johnny i don’t quite have the same talent. Humour helps him overcome and deal with many aspects of Parkinson’s, I think we all have our own personal ways when it comes to dealing with our symptoms.

The fantastic news is Johnny picked himself up and is back to his enthusiastic self again,he has signed up for some online classes and already done one boxercise class. Next week Johnny will share his progress and some photos to go with it. Here at Focused Friends we are delighted you are back and feeling much brighter Johnny.

Catch up more from DJ Claire, DJ Johnny and myself on

Tracy White and Johnny Parky Chat


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