Mystery Knitter …. there’s more to tell!

Photo by Debbie Walker

Just an update on the “Mystery Knitter”, which I posted a blog about recently. (click here to read the original post) This was an article about a person (or group of people) who have been secretly creating and placing hand crafted toppers and covers around our local area. This plight was primarily to aid the battle against loneliness during the social restrictions and lockdown(s), that the fight against the Covid Pandemic has brought about. I was personally touched by this initiative and was inspired to write about how it had positively impacted upon me.

Late last night I was sat watching TV when I heard the letterbox rattle and something drop onto the mat. Intrigued, I went to investigate. There I found a white envelope. It was fairly chunky and felt that it contained more than a letter. I returned to our lounge where my husband sat watching me expectantly as I tore open the package.

As if I’d not had enough tears on Mother’s Day (oh, I’m fairly mushy -emotional – and so I can well up easily, particularly when someone does or says something nice, so my crying on Mother’s Day was a mix of missing my mum, but also for the thoughtfulness of my children throughout the day) Anyway, back to the mysterious envelope. Inside were two wrapped parcels and a letter. The parcels each held a different knitted badge (or is it crochet? – I have been corrected on one of the social media sites that it’s in fact crochet, but I’m no expert so wont quibble on that detail; it doesn’t detract from the overall message)

Inside the wrapping were a gorgeous daffodil, and a badge of a Monkey, (an emblem of our town based upon a well known historic legend).

Together with the badges was a personal letter of gratitude for my last blog, which supported and further publicised this fantastic community initiative. They went on to outline how they are so happy that their positive actions carried out in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness and anguish brought about by the pandemic (as well as other challenges that life throws at us) within the community, has been received.

What a wonderful surprise, and what a generous gesture for them to make to me. I was quite blown away, and extremely appreciative.

Once again, thank you to those of you in our community who are doing all that you are to ensure we all get through this experience feeling a part of something bigger, and far less isolated than we may have done without your kind acts.

(c) Debbie Walker 2021


4 thoughts on “Mystery Knitter …. there’s more to tell!

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  1. This is amazing. I have followed this mystery knitter myself and had great pleasure from these works of art. Sadly my husband lost his mam on mother’s day this year to Cancer . If anyone knows how I can make a donation to this person for wool or buy wool please let me know xx

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    1. I’m so very sorry for your and your husband’s loss. Our mums are precious to us and to lose her on such a day too adds another layer to your pain.
      If I do hear who the mystery knitter is then I will be sure to share your kind offer. Take care and sending you a big hug x


  2. I personally love the initiative taken by the person or persons responsible for these wonderful crafts, they put many a smile on people’s faces and let’s us know that some people don’t need recognition for their kindness. Xx Julie L

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