Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle ~ Week 11

When life puts you in tough situations, Don’t say, “Why Me” say “Try Me”


I can’t believe 11 weeks has passed already since I embarked on my weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey…. what a journey it’s been so far! Overall I really can’t complain considering the situation I am still under, I never envisaged I would suffer an injury that would impact my life so dramatically .

A trip to A&E

I went to Accident and Emergency last Wednesday on the way back from receiving my covid vaccine actually. I waited for an hour just to be told by a nurse that they can’t do anything for hamstring injuries. I told her my doctor suggested I was seen here as she was concerned I may have ruptured a ligament. Well, the nurse seemed very annoyed by this, replying “ your doctor shouldn’t have done that” After she printed information from the NHS website about hamstring injuries she examined my legs and basically said it could be another 4 to 6 weeks before I see any improvement, but, if no better in two weeks go back to my GP for an MRI referral. So I’m no better off now than I was before my visit to A&E but, I guess at least I had confirmation I did have a hamstring injury.

This week I have consistently weighed in at 11stone 6 pounds so no weight loss this week, these last few pounds could take me awhile to lose but I am sticking with a healthy diet. Last week I set myself a target of trying to increase my daily steps but this was probably unrealistic given the fact I can barely walk, although I have managed to continue with my squats and weights. My target from now on is “Just get through the week” I’m not going to lie, the pain is causing me to feel pretty low and my Parkinson’s symptoms seem to be worse recently too.

Keeping myself motivated

I wish I could miraculously wake up, be pain free and be back on my full exercise workouts, but, for now, I find one of the things that help with motivation, is taking regular Selfies ! Selfies of a slimmer me gives a much needed boost when I feel like giving in.


I am also excited to have been approached by Nutracheck, they would like to share my weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle on their Facebook and Instagram pages which i am absolutely thrilled about , as I’ve mentioned a few times in my previous articles the nutracheck app is a fantastic way of keeping a daily record of your calorie intake, the app is one of the reasons for my success in losing 17lbs.

Johnny Parky

No update from Johnny this week, Johnny was admitted to hospital last week. We are delighted to hear he’s back home again, although , Johnny also needs to find alternative ways to exercise for the time being. Focused Friends sends Johnny a speedy recovery and hope he feels better soon. I hope to send updates on his progress next week.

Thank you

Writing my weekly progress articles have kept me on track with my healthier lifestyle. Each time my phone pings with a new notification it’s just another reason I know I can do this! (even when I’m at my lowest) so, thank you, for taking the time to read and like my articles, it means a lot.

Life can be testing at times, a global pandemic with lockdowns is something we’ve all endured and found difficult. My hamstring injury has definitely been testing and may have knocked me down a time or two but the important thing is I won’t let it knock me down for long, because, stubbornly, I will keep getting back up again.

Tracy White (c)

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