The case for Parkinson’s awareness month

Today is the first day of the 2021 Parkinson’s awareness month. There are a whole whack of different things that people are meant to be aware of in the world right now. And while Parkinson’s is a very meaningful thing to the people that have it and their families I tend to feel sometimes that there are worse things out there. Others that need peoples attention in their help. But I am at the stage of Parkinson’s where I am still able to do so much in my life. And there are so many ahead of me who struggle.

I read a quote from Michael J Fox today, a fellow Canadian:

I shared that quote with my husband first of all because I guess he needs to be made aware. That there is going to come a time… I’m not sure what that time is going to look like or how I am going to be or when it’s going to happen but I guess in a little way here and there I’m going to have to educate him. My children also.

Myself? I have education to give to myself as well. Because as I said I’m very new to this. I need to research what my plans are going to be for myself. How am I to be looked after? What will I do you with me? Because first and foremost I do not want to be a burden. But of course I also want quality of life.

So there’s my start on Parkinson’s awareness month.

Education it’s probably the best way I can help people he made more aware of this disease. But most importantly for me I think showing people that people can live well with Parkinson’s.

My new motto (apart from live the life you only imagined) is

do what I can while I can

I hope that you will read along on this little month-long journey of mine.

Margaret S.Morton Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease September 11, 2017

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