Try-Challenge Week 3

Myself and Claire from Radio Parkies continue with our weekly challenges in the lead up to The Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon which is taking place at Worcester Warriors Stadium on 24th July.

This week I chose football tricks. Now, I wasn’t going to turn into David Beckham overnight, so I decided to set myself achievable and simple tricks and for that I used a large planter which I purchased earlier in the day. I enlisted the help from my two sons, Dominic, 11 and Sebastian 7 as ball boys but they were also keen to take part which was absolutely fantastic and I loved every minute of it.

Lack of mobility and slowness on my right side (my dominant side) is a draw back when it comes to kicking and controlling a ball but I managed to head a football pretty well, although I had no control where it was going either so this took several, okay 30 plus attempts to head the ball into the planter but I got there in the end and we all managed to have a good laugh in the process.

The weather has been appalling recently but thankfully we were able to finish our tricks safely in the caravan.

All in all I enjoyed this week’s challenge but I did find it frustrating and challenging with my right foot not doing what I wanted it to do.

Next week I’ve chosen the Pogo ball Stick as my challenge, this could be highly entertaining.

DJ Claire – Circus Skills

This week has been particularly interesting, largely due to the rain.

I rust…as a consequence, I am going to have to put forward a try challenge that can be done indoors as well as outdoors; or alternatively two options for challenges depending on the weather.

So I managed to get the stuff done that was indoors, plus PD decided to be an absolute pain in the rear, and I’ve had a hell of a week.

Especially with dystonia, and as such juggling has also been fun.

However,  many of you will know that I am involved in many things simultaneously, and always try my best. Still despite that experience my plate spinning, did not involve many spinning plates. I still really enjoyed it, and again it’s something that I now have and can do at any time. 

The juggling was interesting…

Firstly I mention dystonia, it meant that I could only juggle at certain times, but I could only work on website changes during that same period. What ended up happening is, juggling got bumped, and  I was juggling with a  quite bad cramped hand.

But, I got to practice the technique in my right hand quite effectively, and I suppose as I had to work harder to get my left hand to do anything – everything seemed so easy by comparison Dystonia free. 

In verdict one ball juggling, fine. 

Left hand had to get used to catching before you thought you had to catch. This was because of how fast my reflexes were (rather more slow), right-hand had a ball. Literally.

Two ball juggling. 

Lunacy level focus needed.

Left hand missed ball every two throws initially, I got very frustrated.

Three balls.

One go. No chance.

So we are back with the ball again this week for cricket,  and the tightrope I missed, if the rain stays away long enough… if not… pottery.

Listen to Myself and Tracy chatting about our recent challenge.

Tiktok to follow .


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