Try – Challenge Week 4

This week I chose to have ago with a pogo stick or rather a Pogo balloon ball! When I first tried I was a little concerned as I couldn’t even get on the thing let alone jump with it, but, me being me I wasn’t going to give up. I think many people with Parkinson’s has Stubbornness in them and for me that stubbornness is what drives and fuels my determination when attempting my challenges.

So, I just kept trying until I managed to get on, stay on and go for it. This took a good few days, but, OH MY, not only did I manage it , I smashed my original 5 jump challenge to 15 jumps. To say I was happy was an understatement, this was a huge achievement for me, one I’m pretty proud of.

It was great fun and I was so happy I achieved and passed my goal but I think I will leave this for my children to play with. Challenge 4 Done ✅.

Why are we Doing these Challenges?

To help encourage the Parkinson’s Community to try new things no matter how small, helping keep our minds and bodies active. DJ Claire from came up with the idea of us trying a weekly challenge in the lead up to the above event. Please visit to find out more about this fun day.

D J Johnny Joins in

Take a look at Johnny’s Challenges.

D J Claire

So this weekend was a blast, not a 20/20 blast. But close.
My nephews were teaching me the basics of cricket, and we ended up playing in the back garden as a big family it was a joy (Covid regulation compliant obviously). I really enjoyed it largely as it involves playing with my nephews but if I take that out, it was good fun and good to be in the sunshine – for once! The ball, which we decided to bowl from my left hand which is the hand with dystonia, as it was more of a challenge, (I don’t know why even considered that) was bouncing on the irregular surface quite amusingly.
I think I would need a lot more practice with that because I couldn’t judge quite when it was the right time to hit it my default was to hit the back against the ball a little bit too late, I could not work out whether or not this was my Parkinson is reflex is or just the fact that I had never done it before …and the only thing that I’ve been playing that is close to a bat was playing on computer games.

It can’t be underestimated how much fun it was to place something altogether. And something that we could all play. It felt like a return to normal, for which I will be grateful even if only for a short time.


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