Round and Round We Go

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

– Isaac Asimov.

I always put the radio on, of a morning. I listen to wonderful LBC Radio; based in London but a talk-radio station with an audience of people across the UK and, indeed, the world. Callers come from far afield and so the breadth of views expressed are many. The presenters are a strong mix across the political spectrum and so, if we challenge ourselves to listen to those who are further from our own views, we can gain great insight into the mood, culture, sensibilities and state of society.

Overnight, in London, so much violence. Some people are in circumstances, in life, in which they are faced with either being a victim to or perpetrator of the harm, or murder, of another by use of blade or gun. So much time is spent on reaction to these terrible incidents, rather than on resolving the underlying causes. Society has got to stop wasting energy on judgement and get on with understanding how this comes about and put in place the structures and mechanisms that repair and then prevent any community from becoming so entrenched in violence as an accepted part of life. Not easy, but if we do not, then we go on; round and round, reacting. The solution is to tackle inquality and also address what increasingly appears to be violence as a cultural norm.

Given my usual focus, on the arts, I would like to add my voice to the decades long call for there to be less violence in the products made by the gaming industry and the film and television industries. These are not, in my view, the cause of violence in culture. I maintain that inequality in society is massively underpinning the violence in society today. They are, however, a symptom and their presence can contribute towards normalising violence in the minds of those perhaps more vulnerable to suggestion.

How do you feel about the presence of violence in the products of the gaming industry? Do you agree that it is a problem? Do you accept it as a symptom of wider issues in society? Do you disagree with me entirely?

If you respond, may I kindly request we avoid politics; the focus here is on violence within the stunning visual artistry of gaming software. Is it at an acceptable level? Can/does it have an influence on vulnerable minds? What are your views?

Post by: Deano Parsons.

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