A sonnet to the Great British Pub

I have written another Sonnet, as recently the UK re-opened Beer Gardens soon followed by the entire pub’s. As the pub is a major part of our culture in the UK, I was inspired to capture the moment of this new era where we are all experiencing our new normal, as we slowly emerge from our National Lockdown from Covid-19

Sonnet to the Pub,

Original Poem by Debbie Walker May 2021

Yesterday we walked to a pub
Where I got to order a Rose wine
Once again we could enjoy beer and grub
Yes, returning to the pub was devine!

We had walked through fields,

and over a stream

And similar to waiting for a bus

we questioned if this was indeed

a dream

for suddenly there were three

before us!


For months the Great British pub

has been closed,

And now, there were three from

which we could choose.

Months where our social live has

snoozed and dozed

Time now to chase away those

Covid blues.


A real pub, with some real people


“Look, it’s open!”, we all

joyfully cried!


Please note that whilst my poem is light and fun, reflecting our own tentative beginning to return to normal following such long Covid restrictions, that I am both aware and respectful that many people both in and outside of our country are still in the midst of great difficulty with this hideous virus. Indeed, we are not out of the woods yet. I just want to mark the turn in current restrictions and to enjoy the hope for a far better year ahead which we’d all like to see.


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