We get to be perfect …. for a few minutes a day

Going through my Facebook history this morning and gushing over all the lovely photos and memories of my time on this day I came across some writing that I did and thought it was worth a share here. In 2016. My daughter was three, my boys were 10. Life is pretty much the same except now I have an eight-year-old daughter and almost 15-year-old boys. Now more than ever finding those moments where I can even find the boys is hard to come by and I try to capture everything I can. Before I know it they will be graduating from school and leaving for college. I hope you enjoy this Five years ago perspective.

I was reading an article on Huffington Post today about this celebrity who is tired of all the “perfect moment” photos that people share of their kids. How she doesn’t believe that the people posting those moments are being truthful about motherhood. It has stuck with me today. Not because I agree or disagree I just have a different view. We mothers and fathers work very hard for our families. Most of the time I am likely truly exhausted, my house is not perfectly in order and my to do list is so huge that I have to manage it by thinking of it as “how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.” I find ways to make it through the days while still enjoying all the moments that I can with my 3 kids. And my 3 kids – a lot of the time they can truly make me crazy. In fact right now the boys are banished to their room to watch cartoons on the ipad until bed because really we had had enough. the constant noise, the bickering, teasing, yelling, running was too much to handle for another minute. Eva spent an hour torturing us all with her 3 year old tantruming self. She’s now asleep.

June 24, 2016

Eva at three years old snapshot of a tantrum why do I capture that?

In the middle of the chaos that is our family life I manage to capture moments that are special. Little snap shots of cute sweet loving happy joyous moments. Eventually it becomes an album and movie of joy. I never profess that my family life is easy or at all like those little snap shots. But tell me, do you really care to hear about the 17 tantrums Eva had today, including at the energy plex when she decided we were sitting at the wrong table? I don’t even want to hear about them. They come and go and I forget them as quick as they start. But I burn the special shots in my mind and they keep me going. and I share those moments not to say look at my perfect family, but look at this perfect moment in our day – they make me happy and I love to spread happy.

Five seconds after this photo was taken the two on the left were mad at the third on the right for photo bombing they’re hugging moment

I don’t think it’s fair to judge those little snippets of perfection. The book ends of those moments might not be share worthy for us and its not because we want to hide it – they just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters to me is that sometimes for a few moments I get to see joy and beauty. And I feel blessed.

Yes Eva we see your doggie for the hundredth time sit still for the photo please
Happy loving moment it lasted just a few blissful seconds

Then I finish my day with the kids, fall dead tired onto the couch with Rob to try and relax so we can do it all over again.

That said – we are going to watch a grown up movie now. It was a busy week

Father’s Day 2021 take 500 probably. Boys will you please cooperate stop bugging each other.
This might not be all the moments but I got one great picture out of it. But to be honest the one above is one of my favorites. I love the face my eldest is making

As you can see from the final two photos it just doesn’t change they just get older. But I keep taking those moments and enjoying the silliness and the seriousness and the happiness and the candid moments and the posed moments and all of them in between. It doesn’t have to be real to you it’s just real to us

Margaret S Morton June 2021… Taking a moment

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