I was visiting North Vancouver recently. After brunch on Sunday my sister-in-law suggested we go for a walk and she took us on a tour of a beautiful columbarium. For those of you that don’t know columbarium is the place where m loved ones ashes are taken for final storage. This particular columbarium was truly a beautiful place to walk through. It had gorgeous tall beautiful trees, ponds with lily pads, pathways that meandered throughout the forest. I couldn’t think of a nicer place to be taken while alive or after death.

As we were walking through I started noticing that the plaques placed throughout the columbarium often had very interesting last words or dedications. Some of them made me chuckle others were so fitting. I started snapping a few pictures because these last words just made me happy. I wonder on some of them if the individual had chosen that ahead of time or if it was something that the family came up with.

This first one touched me personally because this is exactly who I am. And obviously this individual was the same way.

And in contrast to the to busy has this person was moderately busy.

This lady obviously was an artist who is greatly loved. Instead of flowers a paintbrush. I wonder if she was somebody famous for her paintings or just somebody like me who liked to dabble with the canvas and paint. Maybe like me she transformed furniture. Either way the paintbrush stood out especially.

When this man says BRB is this an indication that he believed he would be reincarnated? I like that idea

And this person giving comfort after he’s gone. “We Don’t worry. Be happy.” I want that for those that love me after I’m gone. Don’t mourn and be sad be happy. In fact I would add to that “go live fully”.

A private comment? Or just a thought that this person’s music would go on.

Here’s granny, small but mighty. I have images of a tiny little grandmother that bossed everybodyrdr around and didn’t take any crap. She was loving and probably had baking going all the time in the kitchen.

Obviously these two individuals had other plans after death. To continue on with something that they loved.

I always appreciate when indigenous art is Used. No words necessary. These open arms of this totem make me feel like the spirit world is ready and welcoming. Almost saying come home now we are here for you.

This tree struck by lightning. I wonder if the plaque would have been more fittingly engraved, “may lightning strike me…”

And scattered throughout this beautiful place were rocks with engravings. No markers of the individuals are that were laid to rest there but just a simple sweet phrase of love and family forever. Not to be repeated. Blessed.

I wonder now should a person choose what they would like their last words to be? Or do you leave it up to the family? Do you pick a phrase that meant something to you throughout your life? Or something that told a little something about who you were? Obviously the ones with humour were probably people who were humourous in their living. And what do you focus on in those few words? Our title.? Mother wife friend business owner artist skier. How does one choose their life‘s title? Or do we pick something that is related to how we live? She liked to paint, he volunteered and helped the needy. She was a grandmother who baked every day, she saw the world through rose coloured glasses. She travelled. What about those individuals who just simply lived quietly and really didn’t have very much to say?

How on earth do just a small few words tell the life of a person? This is a big thing in such a small space in such a permanent way.

I have a phrase that I have loved for many years. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you only imagine. “. But I have gravitated towards “ she believed she could so she did“ does that say anything about who I am? I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend. I am active, I am creative, I am busy, I write, I love to travel. I am crazy for my family. I have had one truly great love in my life. That once in a life time love. And so so much more. I make lists and keep detailed information about things I have done and things I want to do. So what words tell the story in just a few short words about each of us?

Maybe in my case it’s simple. “she was passionate about everything and had a list for that. “

However those words are chosen my visit to this columbarium was inspiring and gave me an insight into the love that each of those people have in their life. To have a small little place to be remembered and visited by those that love them and people like me who appreciate their last words.

And as I close out let this individual have the last last words


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