My Paradoxical Companion

I took a little step back from social media, of late. Sometimes I just want the head-space. Well, that is to say that sometimes life throws a curve-ball or two and then I just find myself wanting to withdraw and stay kind of still, while the mad world rushes on around me. This only happens when I am met by one of my life-long companions; one whose presence is so well known to me that it has become a comfort.

This is a paradox, for sure, for this companion only walks with me to bring me yet more pain and heartache but, like I say, it is a familiar companion and so it is in some way a grounding reminder, each time this companion returns, of the beauty of life; paradoxically.

In this instance a beloved family member, who is incredibly dear to me, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I shall say no more other than that this is heartache, indeed, and that I despise this cruel companion (if you haven’t guessed, it is ‘loss’ that I refer to) and yet, at the same time, I recognise that there is beauty in the nature of things. Such times remind me of the fragility, value and beauty of all of the wonders I have in my bizarre, inexplicable existence.

At such time, I have to scratch my head; that is to say I could easily bury my face in my hands and cry out in incredulity, when I think about people in the world who spend time plotting how to control others. They spend time working out how to control others and how to hurt, maim and even murder those who simply do not share their beliefs, values or way of life. We see this in the current crisis in Afghanistan. As beautiful as humanity can be, how low and how evil it can be, too. Perhaps you cannot have the light, without the dark? Seeing such unnecessary suffering and horror defies my comprehension.

You know, all that humanity needs is kindness. Can you imagine, just for a moment, what the world would be like if we were each simply to practice kindness to others, only? Just kindness. I believe that the majority of the problems we have would be resolved. Think about it. How much difficulty would be resolved if our aim, intention, thoughts and behaviours were simply kind? We would contribute. We would help. We would support. We would give. We would change the world in one simple moment.

Then we would, perhaps, instead use our time and energy to better the quality of life of all people. We would, perhaps, use our time to save the environment; to protect animals and all creatures, to add to our natural world rather than exploit and destroy it and we would all be a team. ‘Team Humanity; or even ‘Team Earth’.

All it takes is for each of us to make the decision to be kind and then to simply be kind, in behaviour.
Please, start today. Be kind. Be only kind. That is my campaign target. To encourage kindness.

Well, I guess I will go on watching on tv and online, the effect of the people who choose not to be kind. I will continue to watch the unnecessary suffering and destruction caused by people trying to control others, by greed, by the power hungry, by the corrupt, by the exploiters and I will continue to watch nature destroyed, communities destroyed, families destroyed and individual people destroyed as a result.

Yes, once in a while I step back from all forms of media. Watching humanity behave in this way is just too sad.

It is all unnecessary and can be changed just by switching to ‘kindness’ as your guiding principle.


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