Health & Fitness Journey Part 2

I am a mum of six, A grandma to 1, I live with my husband and 3 of my children, ages 20, 11 and 7, my three eldest have all left home but they are 27 and twins, 25. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 6yrs ago and more recently told I have arthritis in my Knees. This journey is about me trying to help myself by living a healthier lifestyle and keepIng active through exercise. My Goal is to try and slow down the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease as much as I can.

Tracy White

Week 2 – 27th September – 3rd October

I have had an awful week with my symptoms, my right side has been extremely slow and my foot is dragging (even after my meds), I am hoping this is just a blip as I am going through some personal stuff at home, stress can cause your symptoms to worsen so I hope when I have less stress I will begin to improve.

So even though I have had a terrible week I am still pretty pleased with my overall exercise. I managed to go on the treadmill daily for 30-40 minute sessions and was able to go above my daily 10,000 Steps which I am always happy with. I did my weights too but unfortunately I didn’t have the energy for my fitness classes. Considering my symptoms caused much discomfort and hindered me, I am proud of myself for moving on and not giving up!

My diet has been better, I have been eating fresh produce rather than ready meals but there is much work to be done here, I need consistency in my diet, so I am going to set up a menu for myself in the next couple of weeks including times to eat as well as what to eat, I hope by having a plan I can see and keep to, the better chance I have to eating healthier. I will share this with you over the coming weeks.

Feeling a little low

I have to admit I am feeling a little down in general, my personal life and my symptoms are all contributing factors and whereas I don’t suffer with depression I do accept when I am feeling low. I tend to withdraw socially. I love making tiktoks but I have reduced them recently because my heart just isn’t in it . Everything I do at the moment seems to me putting on a front, a happy front because that’s what people want to see, hell!! that’s what I want to see too but right now it’s just me putting on a brave face. I will be okay, but I am not there yet.

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