We are not lucky – and we are busy

Someone close to Robert said ‘I can’t believe how busy the two of you always are. I’m trying to slow down and you two have ramped it up.’ Yes we have. But we have always been very energetic people who get involved in a lot of activities and since becoming parents in 2008 this has become an even bigger thing in our lives.

We are busy. That’s who we are. We have never sat back and waited for things to happen in our life. When we want something we work towards making that thing happen. People would say to us you’re so lucky to be able to go on a trip, or have a nice house, or have a nice car, or take extra Time off of work etc. But luck has nothing to do with how we I have achieved what we’ve achieved in our life.

It’s all planned. We work hard for it. If we want to go on a trip we save all through the year every month and then when we book our trips we work within our budget. For the longest time we only had one car. Then we became parents and it became evident that a second car was necessary. So again we saved our money and we bought something within our budget. Having our home that we currently have was again a lot of work and planning on our part. Good investments in the past on previous homes made it possible to find one again within our budget and then work to make it our own home and a beautiful one.

We are not lucky and we are busy.

When it comes to being busy and constantly doing projects and getting involved in our community, that is a joy to both of us. In my case because of my health I have to keep busy. There is no choice to just sit back and do nothing. Robert is 60 and feels like if he slows down he’ll start to fade also. We have 15-year-old boys and an eight-year-old daughter and they need energetic parents.

Currently Robert is coaching both Rugby and hockkey for our boys. Our daughter plays soccer, which we watch. But with all of those things we are very often running from field to field and town to town to make sure that the kids get to where they need to be. Running the household, businesses, the garden, schedules of three kids, and then having time for each other, that all sounds like a lot. And it is. But we would not have life any other way.

Creating the life that we only imagined is exactly where we want to be. Despite being in my mid-50s and Robert 60, we still are making lots of plans for our future. Planning and having a great outlook on life I think makes for happiness and for value of what’s to come. We never wish anything away. Like wishing that the kids would hurry up and grow or that we could hurry and retire.

We welcome our future and we take control of what that will look like.

Barring silly things like Parkinson’s getting in the way. There’s still lots of time for more trips and more work on the house and more time with the kids. We welcome our future and we take control of what that will look like.

Lucky in love it’s all we are. The rest of it is the product of teamwork. 38 years we’ve been together and we still work together like a well oiled machine.

I say keep working. Keep moving. Keep dreaming. Keep planning. And welcome your future that you create.

Margaret S Morton and hubby Robert
Planning of more of our future

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  1. Wow, 38 years of being together is already inspiring in its own right, but showing how life is meant to be lived and keeping on keeping on regardless? That’s even more amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!


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