Focused Friends Favourites – Issue 5

Hi, this is Deano writing…..

…I must say that one of my favourite things is a person, my friend and colleague here at focused friends; Margaret S. Morton. I am LOVING this wonderful new ‘Favourite Things’ column and I am delighted to be able to contribute, after what has been a challenging year.

Being my first contribution, to this subject, this will be a brief post but yes, I will be back again and again to share more of my favourite things. Here goes…

The Arts

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the arts. This covers such a broad range of art that I cannot cover all of this in this post, but let me begin by speaking of my love of practising art, myself. One of my favourite things is to paint, draw or sketch portraits. I am self-taught, and so my learning is an ongoing process but here’s my favourite painted portrait, to date:

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

I painted this using acrylics on a small sheet of MDF, instead of canvas. I am pleased with the outcome but I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating this portrait.

To discover more of my artworks, please visit my blog at:


I am most definitely a ‘dog person.’ Are you? I have always had dogs as part of my family, since as early as i can remember. Whenever we have sadly had to say goodbye to our dogs, as they have aged and passed away, it has been utterly heart breaking, but the joy they bring to our lives is immeasurable.

Currently, we have two dogs. They are Oscar and Digby. Here they are:


I will come back soon to add further articles about many more of my favourite things. meanwhile, feel free to tell me about your favourite aspects of the world of the arts or of dogs, animals and pets, in the space below. Please also check out the link to my blog, a little further up within this article.


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