Thrifty smarts

I stepped out to do some thrift therapy today.I was not looking for anything in particular and had no set budget today. My husband has been in the hospital all day waiting for surgery for a detached retina. I just could not stay in the house any longer so I ran out to my favourite thrift store. Wandering the isles I immediately came across the cutlery section and thought I should look for some more spoons. Why is it that my teaspoons always go missing? I think the kids take them to school for their lunches and then put them in the garbage. I found to my Great delight several bags of tarnished silverware in a pattern I was very familiar with. It’s my mother-in-law‘s pattern. And each bag was a dollar. For $10 I was able to get almost a full eight place settings. I didn’t hesitate to grab everything I could find. I brought everything home and unpacked it and proceeded to De tarnish with a method that works so well it’s worth sharing.

In this photo are the ingredients needed to de tarnish it without scrubbing or using harsh chemicals. You need a pot or in my case a shallow pan. Lined with a piece of tinfoil. Baking soda, salt, dish detergent and boiling water. Also some tongs for lifting the silver out of the boiling water.

Ingredients to de tarnish silver ware

I don’t measure the ingredients I just put a big pile in the centre of the foil add some of the dish detergent and add the boiling water and mix it up a little bit. Too much water on it will boil over because the baking soda bubbles. Then add some of the cutlery don’t crowd the pan too much because you need to be able to move the cutlery around and it needs to be able to touch the foil.

Watch closely because the process happens so incredibly fast that by the time you put the last piece in, the first piece has already lost its tarnish. It’s really that fast.


And that’s all there is to it.

After you have completed all the pieces wash them in some soapy water rinse and dry. And start eating. And use your good cutlery. It’s not only for special occasions. Isn’t the fact that you are alive a special enough occasion? And while you’re at it use the dishes too. What are you waiting for? You and your family are as special as anyone Pizza looks amazing on nice China. Buttering your bagel with cream cheese on a Sunday morning looks more special when you use your good silver.

Kd with the silver! Yes definitely

I hope this little tip helps and happy Polishing.

Margaret S. Morton – happily enjoying the good stuff


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