Excited for Tesco

I think it will be readers like me living in very rural areas which will appreciate my excitement for Tesco opening up a superstore in a nearby town. In fact it’s 4,7 miles away from me and it opened today, 28th October 2021!!

First Impressions

I went at 7pm with my two sons. It was dark so at the roundabout I wasn’t sure which exit to take but after going round the roundabout again I spotted two men in high vis jackets standing around so I went towards them. I think they were supposed to be directing us to car park! but actually they were just stood there doing nothing but perhaps looking a little cold.

As I approached the entrance I noticed the large presence of staff. They had staff in the car park with another trolly so if your car was parked away from the trolley park then they would take it back for you, returning your £1 coin obviously. Nice touch but I’m not sure how long this will last for!!

As I walked in I instantly noticed it wasn’t a huge store but nevertheless it had an F&F clothing section which was a big plus for me. Why? Because I have children, my youngest son is still in primary school and we often get informed by the school there will be a yellow day, Christmas jumper, PJ day or some kind of day so it will be so much better nipping to Tesco than relying on ordering online. Although I didn’t get to see the clothing section a friend has informed me there is very little choice for women clothes which is disappointing.

Not up and running

I first went to collect the scanner thing but this was not working and the petrol station wasn’t open either.

So, I proceeded to go shopping without the device, I was greeted by a lovely young man asking if I wanted a map in order to find my products easier. Of course I took it but I didn’t look at it once, to me it was easier just going through the store aisle by aisle as it’s not huge but still I’m sure some people may have found it helpful!

The presence of helpful staff was impressive, but I feel this will diminish over the coming weeks. My reasons for thinking this is purely I haven’t seen it across many of the Tesco’s across the country.

I went in for a few things but not a big shop, I didn’t like the fact the conveyor was very small so if you have a large amount of shopping you would need another person with you to help. BUT….

As I said earlier, the staff were incredibly helpful.. and also polite and obviously well trained. Even though I went later in the evening my shopping experience went smoothly. I must point out, I have Young Onset Parkinson’s so having a good shopping experience is very important to me.

I am thrilled we have a local Tesco Superstore in our rural community and I’m sure Lidl and Coop will find a drop in their sales briefly but I’m sure with offers and bargains available in other stores there will be enough room for each to survive.

Thank you TESCO for persevering and eventually getting the planning permission granted to build a superstore it took many many years to get here but at last the town of Mablethorpe has a Tesco.


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  1. In remember the excitement when we got a Rainbow Superstore when I lived near March 35 years ago – loads of stuff to buy and the ability to shop after work!

    With an ageing bladder, I’m always glad to se a new supermarket open, as they provide much-needed peace of mind. On our first post-covid trip to the coast, with so many toilets being closed, the Mablethorpe Coop was a godsend in this respect. Strange what forms a lasting memory isn’t it? At 20 I remembered the people, at 40, the scenery, at 60, the toilets . . .


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article. I agree, our age does have an impact on our memories and reflects on our experiences, for me having a scanner option at Tesco and scanning my shopping to put straight in my bags is much easier than having to unload and load at a checkout till. This will be my lasting memory of Tesco at almost 50, only time will tell to see what my lasting memory will be at 60!

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