In-Focus: Tracy and Deano Sing ‘Budapest’

I have been singing for about a year and a half, to help combat the impact Parkinson;s Disease has on my speaking voice. In effect, the disease weakens the voice and sometimes I am rendered unable to partake in conversation or to command my dogs; just two examples.

My lovely friend, and colleague here at Focused Friends; Tracy, sometimes joins me for a duet. She has only recently started to sing for the benefit that doing so has upon her own Parkinson’s.

I was delighted when Tracy recently joined me to sing Barcelona, by George Ezra. Now, we are both learning how to use our voices for singing and we also have Parkinson’s affecting us at times, so if ever you see a video of us singing, please don’t be too harsh a critic. The purpose here is to overcome the symptoms of disease.

If you would like to watch our music video, please select the link below:


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