Feeling a Bit Helpless

Sometimes, things happen to those close to us and there is nothing we can do to fix it for them. Right now, my mother-in-law is coping with living with cancer with having been told that no further treatment options exist for her. How I would like to take that away from her and see her in good health again.

I cannot take this from her.

Then, this week my cousin told me that his eldest son sustained an injury at work and this resulted in his losing four of his fingers on his leading hand. Thanks to the quick response of the air ambulance crew in his area he was airlifted to hospital and, after sixteen hours of complex surgery, three of the four fingers have been re-attached in the hope that they may be saved. We are hopeful, but time will tell. How I would like to take this pain and horror away from my cousin’s son and spare them all the worry and distress that this terrible accident has caused.

I cannot take this from him/any of them.

So, the feeling of helplessness persists. We just have to go about our days with a sense of hopefulness and, to some extent, acceptance of what simply is. This, at a time when all around, people are starting to transform their homes into Christmas grottos, do their Christmas shopping and enjoy the cheer of the start of the festive season. It is lovely to see but this year is one in which I think my hubby and I will feel more on the periphery, or perhaps the outside, of. We have not even thought about Christmas shopping or decorating our home, yet!

So, what about you? Is your festive season one without much concern or are you in a situation where you are concerned for loved ones, facing something difficult or upsetting yourself or just entrenched in the practicalities of life; that you have yet to even start readying for Christmas?

How are you coping with any challenge or difficulty at this festive time of the year? Do you feel able to be the instigator of, or participant in, a solution? Are you in a situation that can only simply be what it is and so feel a little helpless about what is happening? What is that like for you? For me, it is frustrating and upsetting. I hate the idea of loved ones going through pain, suffering, worry, upset or anxiety. I hate the idea of loved ones being ill.

This is, as ever, where I find that creativity helps. From singing to drawing, writing to painting, arts to crafts and performance arts; creativity offers such a great way to channel the emotions and also to do something constructive, especially in the small hours while unable to sleep!

Have you ever tried to practice some form of art or creative pursuit, while living through difficult times? What did you do? What was it like and what do you feel you achieved? What would you say or recommend to others who are tempted to the creative arts in the depths of their own personal difficulties?

My viewpoint here is that I would certainly recommend that anyone going through some form of personal worry of difficulty would benefit from practicing some form of art or crafting activity. The arts offer a wonderful way to channel or focus emotions and they are also helpful if you seek either a distraction or, conversely, the opportunity to focus intently.

Most artists I know speak of ‘the process’ of creating art as being the most significant, important and meaningful aspect to them; more so than the final outcome / completed work. I have come to understand and appreciate the same and this is most uplifting. Again, this is a reason why I would recommend the arts to anyone facing something challenging or painful, in some way.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this subject, in the comments, below.


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