Listen to DJ Claire chatting with me, Tracy, about online shopping

I am a guest on Radio Parkies every Wednesday, 12pm to 12.10pm. I chat with DJ Claire about pretty much life as a busy mum and wife living with Parkinson’s, there isn’t a topic we haven’t covered to be honest, but, today’s show was particularly interesting because Claire mentioned her first.. recent online shopping experience, unfortunately it wasn’t a good one.

Now, I must mention clothes and make up are my two favourite ‘ me’ things to talk about and my passion for both has not swayed because I have Parkinson’s, I just needed to adapt around it.

Myself..Tracy- Loves online shopping

Before I start it’s only fair to mention I live in a very rural area in Lincolnshire so any decent clothing shops are at least a 40 minute drive away.

25yrs ago I would hop in my car and drive hours to go shopping for the perfect dress for that Saturday night, back then I thought nothing of it! Of course internet shopping didn’t exist for me back then and neither did my Parkinson’s diagnosis!!! so life was much easier because i was young and healthy, nothing phased me, I would love hight street store shopping !.

As I approach the big 5 0 in June I could say I just cant be bothered to crawl around endless shops in finding the perfect outfit but, the fact of the matter is ,it is my Parkinson’s diagnosis that changed my attitude towards shopping. The drive to the shops, the queues, the disappointments of not having the right sizes are all valid reasons but the main reason is .. I struggle to dress and undress myself at the best of times so the thought of being restricted and squished In a tiny dressing room trying on several outfits fills me with horror. I much prefer scrolling on the internet in the comfort of my home (for hours) to find what I am looking for and over the coming weeks I will give my tips in a successful online shopping experience and share where I purchase clothes from, here are my first four.

In no particular order

1, New Look… (hit and miss here, I have had some great purchases but some terrible ones aswell, sizing wise I suggest going up a size.)

2. Simply Be …. Simply Be generally caters for the larger ladies, their clothes are more expensive but are good quality, normally you can stick with your actual sizing.

3, Asda George…. I love Asda clothes, reasonable priced and sizing normal too.

4, The name says it all, cheap and cheerful but their shoe sizes are way off for me! Also I recommend you Order a size up. I found delivery cost is high also.

Read the Reviews!

Reading customer reviews is an excellent way to find out more about the item, look out for the sizing guides, is it true to size or do you need to order a size up?

Find companies that offer free returns, you don’t want to end up getting charged for anything that you don’t keep.

My recent tiktok.. successful purchases from

DJ Claire – High Street Shopping

When talking with Claire I could sense her frustration and disappointment with her online shopping experience. Firstly the dress she had ordered did not appear to be as described online, in fact she questioned whether it was even the same outfit at all! The back of the dress is completely see through which is fine for ladies with a small bust and a bra not needed but this dress was just not suitable and to top it off Claire needs to pay the postage to return it.

Claire is, I believe is local to the high street shops although her favourite stores have either closed or have halved in size and this is why she is open to purchasing online.

Claire likes to feel the fabric, look at the style and see first hand if she likes it or not. If she likes it she will take it home to try on in the comfort of her own home. If Claire does not like her purchase she can simply return it. Of course there can be a slight issue there, you can never tell from one day to the next how our Parkinson’s symptoms are going to effect us so returning can be a bit of a pain if you don’t feel up to it.

So far Claire’s experience with online shopping hasn’t gone well but over the coming weeks I hope to improve her choices and online shopping experiences which hopefully will give her a better out come and even perhaps a successful online purchase. .


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