The front seat

I was travelling by car with my family. I sat in the back seat for the first time probably ever. I had an idea for a short story. This is an excerpt. I hope you like it. The shopping list wasn’t long. Just a lot of it. No one ever managed to bring enough material... Continue Reading →

No More Shadows

My mother-in-law passed away July 17, 2022. She was a part of my life for 39 years. She is resting now. But out if pain. Ruby Morton No More Shadows Her days were shadows Foggy and blurrred She wanted to scream But couldn’t be heard Struggling through the maze her life had become She fought... Continue Reading →

Introducing Ruth

My dear friend Dean Parsons challenged me one day a few years ago to write a story about myself and the Characters from the last show I watched. Instead of writing about myself I came up with this character named Ruth. I have no idea why I chose not to be myself as challenged. But... Continue Reading →

Monday mornings

Monday mornings were Ruth’s favourite morning of the week. While everybody dreaded getting up, getting dressed and heading off to their busy day - her husband to work the boys to school - she would stand in the window and wave happily as they left after the long weekend of busy life. She would smile... Continue Reading →

Slow down. You’re doing fine.

“Slow down you're doing fine. You can't be everything you want to be before your time.” “Vienna“ by Billy Joel. When was the last time you listened to that song? I haven’t really paid much attention to it for several decades. However recently snippets of it have been making the rounds on Instagram and TickTock... Continue Reading →

Narrowing down my focus

I joined in on a conversation today on line. One of the topics they discussed was “if you could only pick one area of focus on social media what would you choose and why?” At first this was a very hard one for me to narrow down. I listened to several of the other peoples’... Continue Reading →

Can we have October again?

Fall is a favourite time of year at my home. October especially because there is so much to do without a lot of stress involved. I’m in Canada so we get Thanksgiving the second weekend. We get to start wearing sweaters and socks and put the heat on and the fireplace. The days of course... Continue Reading →

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