Bad Language?

Have you ever tried, or considered trying, to learn another language? There are many reasons why people take up the study of another language. For some, it can simply be about getting by on a holiday abroad while for others it may be helpful or needed in the workplace. Some people have a particular love... Continue Reading →

Focused Friends Favourites issue No.2

Welcome to issue No. 2 of Focused Friends favorites. Posting again today is Margaret Morton. We hope you enjoy what we enjoy. Hi everybody and thanks for popping in again today. So this week I have had my focus on many little things around the house and the children of course. It’s back to school... Continue Reading →

Old Traditions Lovingly Carried On

Photo (and egg paint 😄) by Debbie Walker Recently I went on an annual family picnic which traditionally we have done for many, many years. As part of our tradition, we paint and roll hard boiled eggs down the hillside. As I grew up with this it's a 'normal activity' to me and I didn't... Continue Reading →

Us moments 1

An original poem Give me light by candle A cracking fire too Blankets piled high And cuddling with you We’ll sink into the pillows And breathe each other in We’ll wrap and pull and conform to skin on skin on skin Falling asleep mid sentence I’ll wake to your snore These are the moments our... Continue Reading →

In your eyes

An original poem You will see life as it was In your eyes as it is in your eyes as it will be in your eyes In your eyes there is no responsibility There will be no history of involvement In your eyes a victim of unfair circumstances treated poorly Your eyes will see nothing... Continue Reading →


Let my eyes see my thoughts and bring my heart alive. Let my hands be able and bring it from my mind. Let my soul blend these words and create reflective prose. Let me plant the seeds of thought and watch the creation grow. Let me free to create what I hold dear to my... Continue Reading →

The case for Selfies

(By Margaret S. Morton) As a mother I am constantly behind the camera catching all the precious moments of my children’s lives.  There is nothing I won’t capture. The external backup drives have started to fill a drawer. And now with online backup like google photos I can keep them safe. I could probably write a... Continue Reading →

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