Thrifty smarts

I stepped out to do some thrift therapy today.I was not looking for anything in particular and had no set budget today. My husband has been in the hospital all day waiting for surgery for a detached retina. I just could not stay in the house any longer so I ran out to my favourite... Continue Reading →

Focused Friends Favourites – Issue 1

Welcome to our new topic of 'Favourite Things' where we will sometiumes share some of our fabulous finds around the net or in life. We hope they inspire you. Or you find something interesting to share with us. Margaret starts us off. Bed makeover Ok so you all know how much I love a great... Continue Reading →

Layers of home

Floating around the home I am constantly aware of what it contains, where things go ,how I like them to look. I like to think that my home has a great purpose and great meaning to our family. It’s easy to be inspired by the beautiful homes on Pinterest and Instagram. I know I get... Continue Reading →

My marketplace must haves

I am a big fan of reuse repurpose etc. I love to buy peoples cast off’s and update them and make them fresh looking and modern for my home. I also fix up items for other people to buy. I typically go to thrift stores in my community but I am also very keen on... Continue Reading →

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