Tracy’s Healthier Living Lifestyle with Johnny Parky.

Well, it’s been awhile since I have reported on our Healthier lifestyle Journey, and, for me there have been some ups and downs. Firstly, I have gained 4lbs … I was 11st 2oz and now I am between 11st 4 and 11st 6. Realistically I was never sure if I could maintain my weight of... Continue Reading →

Try-Challenge – Week 2 – Hoverboard & Roller-skates

DJ Claire from Radio Parkies and I are trying new Challenges every week throughout the lead up to Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon on the 24th July. For more information please visit Tracy’s challenge My challenge was the hoverboard. This challenge was inspired by my two youngest sons Dominic, 11 and Sebastian 7 , we... Continue Reading →

Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Now I have reached my desired weight of 11st 2lbs, I need to maintain it, well within reason, I do expect to fluctuate a couple of pounds either way, especially during my monthly cycle. However, maintaining my measurements is going to be more important.. so every week I will measure my chest, waist and hips... Continue Reading →

Tracy & Claire’s Try-Challenge- Week1

DJ Claire from Radio Parkies and I are trying new Challenges every week throughout the lead up of Summer Try-Athlon on the 24th July The Summer Try-Athlon, organised by Sport Parkinson's will feature a wide range of activities designed to exercise the body and brain.The centrepiece of the day will be football tournaments – including... Continue Reading →

Going out-out; AND wearing a coat!

Hi, I write a personal blog about making changes to improve my health; physical, mental and emotional, over a period of a year. Using a photo that I've taken for each day to either inspire, or to reflect my changes (or aims for change). Today's post is about getting some time out with friends (at... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

Photo by Debbie Walker March 14th 2021 in the UK was Mother's Day. A day when children get to thank their Mum's for .... well, being their Mum. Everyone has a different take on today. Some use it to make up for the rest of the year and go overboard with lavish gifts and expensive... Continue Reading →

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