Sampling Soup – Broccoli and Stilton

Broccoli and Stilton Soup - photo by Debbie Walker A rather decadent soup with the blue cheese, but so worth it! I have put off making this one as it's a lot more calories than the other's I've made, but I thought that if I don't have a go now, straight after Christmas and New... Continue Reading →

Sampling Soup – Butternut Squash with roasted red pepper

Roasted red pepper with butternut squash Soup - Photo by Debbie Walker Approximately 100 calories for a 250ml bowl (using the NHS online calorie counter) Ingredients 1 whole Butternut squash (approx 500g)3 red peppers2 shallots1/2 red chilli pepper (optional)1 clove garlic1 tbsp tomato puree2 medium potatos700 ml veg stockOne-Cal spray oil Method Roast the butternut... Continue Reading →

Sampling Soup – Smooth Butternut Squash

Only 70 Calories per 200 ml bowl (using NHS Calorie Counter app) total recipe made 1600ml An easy soup which is completely Dairy free. Takes just 20 minutes in the soup maker with around half an hour prep time Ingredients Butternut Squash (I used a squash weighing 1.2kg raw weight but would suggest using a... Continue Reading →

Sampling Soup : Bacon and Lentil

145 Calories per 200ml bowl This one is another half hour easy make (20 mins in the soup maker and 10 to prepare) and the result is a thick consistency which gives a tasty, filling and yet low calorie experience. A great lunch for those of you watching your calories, like me, whilst not wanting... Continue Reading →

Sampling Soup – Pea and Ham

Photo by Debbie Walker - Sampling Soup ; Pea and Ham I calculated this as 250 Calories for a bowl. The full recipe totaled 998 Calories and we simply shared it into four rather than weigh or measure it this time. Another low fat, low calorie soup. I really enjoyed this one too. Quite flavour-some,... Continue Reading →

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