Team Challenge: Showcase Your Garden, in Two Minutes

Here at Focused friends we've enjoyed creating various challenges for each other over recent months. We've had Poetry (Sonnet challenge) Art (flat lay collage creating) and several video challenges where one of us will set the challenge and the other members will submit their photos, pictures or video clips to be combined into one. For... Continue Reading →

The Flat Lay

We hope you enjoy this collaboration of our creative ideas. Today’s collaboration is a flat lay of items indoors, outdoors and a hobby. Thank you to my fellow collaborators, Dean Parsons, Debbie Walker, and Tracy White . This place wouldn’t be what it is without all of you and your amazing contributions Please click on... Continue Reading →

Focused Friends – Sonnet Challenge

Photo by Debbie Walker Recently my cousin Deano, one of the Focused Friends team, challenged me to write a Sonnet. I didn't even know what a Sonnet was. I've enjoyed writing the occasional poem before, but I use that term very loosely for I haven't followed any structure, just gone with the words that came... Continue Reading →

Scavenger Hunt

"Join the team and I as we enjoy a scavenger hunt and see our results in this video. If you have ever tried a scavenger hunt, we would love to hear all about it. Please feel free to tell us your story, in the comments below." - Tracy White.

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