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Debbie Walker.

Hello, and Welcome :-)

I met Tracy and Margaret when we were all Admins for an online support group for Parkinson’s Disease. Deano was an Admin there too .. but being my cousin, I knew him already! When in November 2020 I was asked if I’d like to join the team here at Focused Friends I decided that it was perhaps time for me to explore something new and I accepted the invite. I am still an Admin at the Support group, but this blog is more self indulgent as it’s somewhere for me to sample a new way to be creative.

I’ve always been a creative person, and enjoy exploring a variety of ways to express my version of the world. I love photography, painting and drawing. (although I don’t always make the time for them that I’d like to). Writing is new to me and I am enjoying discovering more about blog writing.

I went on to begin my own blog at the beginning of 2021, as I make the journey of health improvement and weight loss. However, I am keeping that a separate project to this more creative based one.

I hope that readers enjoy our combined content, and that you are inspired to try something new yourself. Something just for fun; discovering happiness in the simplicity of life.

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