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Hello and welcome to the Sampling Soup Section of my personal Project that I’ve developed to initiate personal improvement and change.

I am putting together a set of Soup recipes that I’m discovering, whilst working on a personal plan of change. Change to my approach to food and my general health, with an overall aim to lose weight hence putting myself in a better place for the next phase of my life. I call it Project 365.

I have called it Project 365, as I took inspiration from the 365 photography challenge, where the challenge is to take a photo a day for a year, in order to enjoy photography and to benefit from some mindfulness along the way. After a year of many losses, that began with my beloved mum, soon followed by my treasured Aunt and then later my dear Uncle all in a year of change for everyone, as we all experienced a global pandemic which shook all of our lives, I saw this project as a way to steer my recovery in a positive direction. I decided to combine my love for photography with my need to make some positive changes to my current physical and mental health.

I am recording my daily inspirations, progress and updates on my project on my personal blog site ; Dreams & Aspirations please do feel free to have a read / follow or to just drop by every now and then to support me.

Meanwhile … back to the Soup!

As part of my daily changes, I have introduced eating soup. Now this may seem a bit random, but I’ve been making many, many small changes since the beginning of January and soup is just one of them. I bought a Soup Maker for my hubby at Christmas (he has wanted to make soups for a long while and when better to start that in Lockdown … and when we want to make a healthier change to our eating) I soon realised that soup is likely to be a regular feature in my new diet throughout the year and so I thought that I could share the recipes with you, as I try them, giving you some feedback and letting you know the calorie content, as I calculate it.

So, that’s the soup story … please do go and look at the recipes, let me know what you think and if you have any favourites of your own that you’d like to share with me, or point me in the direction of, then please do so as I will be looking for alternatives along my journey.

Debbie’s Project 365

Project 365 – Sampling Soup

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