A Collection of Christmas Cheer – No.2 – Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

I was intending to post this for Christmas Eve, for what could be a more heartwarming, and cosy drink than sitting in front of an open fire, tree lights twinkling and a warm Hot Chocolate (with Bailey's, mini marshmallows and topped with cream and a shake of chocolate powder, or grated chocolate ... and of... Continue Reading →

Bailey’s Cheesecake

Bailey’s Cheesecake … A Delightful Christmas Dessert, or just great for breakfast in lockdown! (because let’s face it; in 2020 we deserve it 😊) Inspired by our Focused Friends ‘Cheesecake Queen’ Tracy White, I decided that yesterday was the day to make my first ever cheesecake and that I would blog about it to share... Continue Reading →

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