Tracy’s Healthier Living Lifestyle with Johnny Parky.

Well, it’s been awhile since I have reported on our Healthier lifestyle Journey, and, for me there have been some ups and downs. Firstly, I have gained 4lbs … I was 11st 2oz and now I am between 11st 4 and 11st 6. Realistically I was never sure if I could maintain my weight of... Continue Reading →

Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Now I have reached my desired weight of 11st 2lbs, I need to maintain it, well within reason, I do expect to fluctuate a couple of pounds either way, especially during my monthly cycle. However, maintaining my measurements is going to be more important.. so every week I will measure my chest, waist and hips... Continue Reading →

Hiding behind a Smile – Johnny Parky

I have known Johnny for a few years now through the Parkinson’s support groups on Facebook. Although we have never met I have had numerous face to face conversations with him and made a few videos on our Focused Friends YouTube Channel and found him to be a friendly, lovely and an easygoing chap. I... Continue Reading →

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