Sampling Soup – Creamy (Cream-less) Cauliflower Soup

At just 92 Kcal per 200ml bowl this is another amazing soup and will become one of my top choices Ingredients Large Cauliflower1 medium red onion800ml Veg Stock1 tsp cuminsprinkle of salt1 large (or 2 smaller) garlic clove50g ButterOne Cal fry light spray (olive oil)black pepper to serve Method Break the cauliflower into small florets... Continue Reading →

A Day of Reflection

Photo by Debbie Walker - A day of Reflection Today, a year on from our first UK Covid-19 related Lockdown, our Nation acknowledged the devastating loss of life, along with the additional cruelty of loss during a time of social restriction by having a National Day of Reflection. I write a blog about making personal... Continue Reading →

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