As ever, I find that time flies before I have even blinked an eye! It has already been too long since my last post, here, but better late than never, right?I arrived in France and it is truly a joy to be here. This is a most beautiful country and Strasbourg is a city that... Continue Reading →

All Change. Mind the Gap.

As I sit here at my desk at home, at just after 1am, I can hear the rumble of the elctric fire that is next to me in the bedroom. It belonged to my late mother, who very sadly passed away in 2020. The little glow of orange light brings me great comfort on a... Continue Reading →

Bad Language?

Have you ever tried, or considered trying, to learn another language? There are many reasons why people take up the study of another language. For some, it can simply be about getting by on a holiday abroad while for others it may be helpful or needed in the workplace. Some people have a particular love... Continue Reading →

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