Tracy’s New Year, New Me.. Back on the Diet AGAIN! week 1

Why do I keep putting the weight back on ? For the second year running I have lost weight twice only to gain it all back on by Christmas. I have managed to gain over a stone, (shockingly 8 pounds in this last month). I am so annoyed and disappointed with myself . How do... Continue Reading →

Tracy’s Health and Fitness Journey Part 1

This will be an ongoing Journey of my health in general, if you are reading my article for the first time then you will not be aware of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I was diagnosed 6 years ago (although my symptoms start 2 years prior) In the six years since my diagnoses my medications have increased... Continue Reading →

Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Now I have reached my desired weight of 11st 2lbs, I need to maintain it, well within reason, I do expect to fluctuate a couple of pounds either way, especially during my monthly cycle. However, maintaining my measurements is going to be more important.. so every week I will measure my chest, waist and hips... Continue Reading →

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