As simple as quiche….Joining Focused Friends

I thought to myself how
Joining Focused Friends is going to be so great;
An opportunity to explore, to write and to create.

For days I sat and pondered
my first post
And I began to wonder,
am I the reader, the writer, the photographer
or the host?
My confidence and motivation began to sap
And my phone remained closed
And on my lap.

I have to do my best
I have so much I could get off my chest
So much to share
So much about which I care!
But it must be good
It has to be special
I have to do well.
Oh no, on this point I suddenly remember…Its not good to dwell!

Tonight, as I prepared a quiche for our tea,
I suddenly began to see.
Like breaking these eggs in the pan,
I just have do the best that I can.

Oh how simple this can be.
All I have to do, is be me!
Switch off my brain;
Don’t overthink
Pour any negativity down the sink.
Keep it simple,
Do my best,
And let my finger’s type the rest.

So, here I am
Making my first post.
Still unsure if I’m writer or host!
But happy to be here,
And hope my enthusiasm is clear!
My quiche is cooked and ready to serve,
And my first article written
– If I have the nerve!

(c) Debbie Walker


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