Walking up in Autumn : 3. By the Sea

Photo by Debbie Walker

My attention today was drawn to our local Sea front, where I often walk (in my attempt to burn some calories to help shift the excess weight that I (currently) carry). Not only is this exercise for weight control, it is also for the fresh sea air which can blow away the cobwwebs, so to speak, and generally just the opportunity to experience another of my favourite places that Mother Nature has gifted us with.

As with the forests and the countryside, the coast also offers a new canvas for each season. Autumn at the seaside is an interesting one as it can be so changeable between one day and the next. For example, one day the weather can be so mild that it feels like the end of Summer is lingering and we see more visitors on the sand, playing with footballs or sitting on a blanket and sharing time with family and loved ones, whilst some are even swimming in the Sea! People simply enjoying what could be the last of the nice weather for a long while. Whereas the next day it can be so cold that it feels more like the depths of Winter. Then we see less people, and those that brave the coastal walks are usually huddled down into their bulky and warm overcoats, head down battling against the Northern winds. The beach itself on such days would be almost empty, except from the occasional dog walker, the sand blowing across the wide open space creating what appears to be a mystical moving floor. Waves would be crashing on the rocks and spurting up delivering their spray across the promenade, catching out the unprepared passers by.

Today as I walked along the promenade, I looked out at the white waves and the windmills in the distance, each offering a view of beauty and interest; a contrast of nature vs manmade. I enjoyed the beautiful clear blue sky, one which belied the cold air kissing my face and wrapping itself around my hands as I push them deeper into my warm coat pockets.

Eventually I stopped for a warming cup of tea and as I sat and appreciated the welcoming heat from the cafe, I noticed the people sitting chatting comfortably at their tables and I mused how not so long ago we couldn’t do this. I became aware of an appreciation of this Autumn in a new and different way to other Autumns; one where sitting in a cafe was to feel a luxury, something to value and treasure. A reminder that we should not take the simple things in life for granted, and instead to appreciate the moments we have, at any given time.


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