Focused Friends Favourites – Issue 1

Welcome to our new topic of ‘Favourite Things’ where we will sometiumes share some of our fabulous finds around the net or in life. We hope they inspire you. Or you find something interesting to share with us.

Margaret starts us off.

Bed makeover

Ok so you all know how much I love a great transformation. I do a lot of it. But I’m certainly not the first person to attempt these transformations. I find great ideas on Pinterest. I’m in need of a master bedroom refresh. I had this idea to paint our bed to give it a soft Parisian look.

Here’s our bed now and the inspiration photo.

Wouldn’t you know it someone did it to a bed similar to mine. No need to recreate the formula. It’s all written out in the My creative Kneads blog. Irma did a great job of laying it out. This is definitely in my to do list this fall.

Thrift find

While I’m talking bedroom I was browsing the Facebook marketplace the other day and was admiring these beautiful mirrors with vintage frames.

But at $300 and up I could not make a case to spend that on one mirror. What’s a girl to do? Run to the thrift stores of course. I didn’t think I’d find anything until I found this gem in value village for $50!!!

Score! And I love it just the way it is.

Decorated Jeans

During a stop at the farmers market I saw a stall selling decorated jeans. They were so cute. I ran to the thrift store to grab some fabrics and scraps to create a pair for myself. Thanks to Pinterest it looks very easy and fast to do. Do a search for decorated jeans and grab those old jeans and make them new again. These are some of my favourite looks.

In the garden

Lastly on my hunt for fabulous ideas for the garden I was inspired by these lovely plants.

Their subtle colour and bold shape have me searching the local plant stores for some pink echinacea and pink hydrangeas for my next years garden.

I like to keep things light in the garden and try not to put too much variety of plants. Instead I repeat a lot throughout to keep it tidy.

Ok what do you think? We’d love to hear from you about your finds and faves. Drop us a note.

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